• Just.me is a service that allows you to list, manage and share all your personal links with your community. You can use your Just.me link list in social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. and present an easy overview of your other pages to your followers.

    Once you have created your own link list, all you have to do is copy your unique Just.me URL and paste it into all other platforms, e.g. into your bio. If you make changes, you only need to update your Just.me list, the link always remains the same.

  • Yes, registration in Just.me is free of charge.

  • You can register for free via the following link

  • This may take a few minutes. Please also check your spam folder. If you did not receive the email, click on the "Resend confirmation link" button in the registration process.

  • To change your password, follow the steps below:

    1. Log in to your account":
    2. Click on "My account"
    3. Click on "change password" there
  • Yes, you can change your email address in the logged-in area. Click on "My account" -> "Profile".

  • Once you have set a username for your URL, it cannot be changed. If you prefer a different username, create a new account.

  • Please make sure you are using the correct login details. If you have forgotten your password, please use the "Forgot password" option. If you have any further questions, please contact Just.me Support.

  • To change your Just.me design, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account":
    2. Click on "My design" in the navigation
    3. Select your new design there and save it.
  • Click on "My links" -> there you can add, change or remove links.

  • Yes, via "My statistics" you can see which of your links have been clicked on by users and how often. You can also see which countries these users come from.

  • There are several reasons why your links are not displayed:

    1. The URL you have entered is incorrect - check that you have spelt everything correctly. Also make sure that you do not have any spaces in the URL.
    2. The domain was forgotten to be entered - if you only enter a description without domain, it will not be displayed.
    3. The URL is unsafe
  • To activate "two-factor authentication", proceed as follows:

    1. Log in to your account":
    2. Click on "My account"
    3. Click on "Two-factor authentication" -> "Activate" and follow the steps.
  • Here you can give other users permission to edit your links. Assigned permissions can also be revoked again.

  • Click on the respective link to get to the terms and conditions or the privacy policy. Alternatively, you can also find these links in the footer of the page

  • It's a pity that you want to delete your account.

    1. Log in to your account":
    2. Click on "My account"
    3. Click on "Delete Just-Me account" there

    Deleting your account is final and cannot be undone.

    Your URL will no longer be active after deletion.

  • You can use this form to ask your question:

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