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From the BBC

Kofi Annan’s comments yesterday have created a fuss. The BBC reports: Authorities in the UK, Australia, Poland, Bulgaria and Japan also rebuffed Mr Annan’s claims. Australian Prime Minister John Howard described the UN as a “paralysed” body and said it was incapable of dealing with international crises. Clearly both Annan and Howard are right, but …

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“All the people I had shared my shelter with were dead!”

An amazing piece of journalism and a compelling story of the reality of Iraq. The day after US helicopters killed many civilians – purportedly to save a Bradley fighting vehicle from being exposed to “the enemy” an eye witness, a British journalist from The Guardian, tells what happened. It’s amazing to me that the Democratic …

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Russia Too!

Also from the Times of London Click Here Putin taunts Blair: Is Saddam sitting in a bunker ready to blow the whole place up with WMD? From Rosemary Bennett and Robin Shepherd in Moscow PRESIDENT Putin scuppered Tony Blair’s efforts to repair Anglo-Russian relations after the Iraq war by challenging him and President Bush to …

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