An Awesome web 2.0 post

Fred Wilson has an awesome post covering what is novel and new about web 2.0. Posting, subscribing and tagging are all discussed. Fred’s views mirror entirely what Mike and myself are discussing at Archimedes Ventures, and a little in public at TechCrunch. We have also experimented a little at EarningsCast. Try a search for the tag “earningscast” at Technorati – here . We have a major project close to beta that embeds this philosophy deep within it’s genes. Fred, we love ya man!

Announcing Earnings Cast!

I have started a new podcasting blog –

For now it isn’t going to be comprehensive of all earnings, just key ones each quarter.

Also for now I am not editorializing. Just putting the whole call into my podcast.

Later, we’ll see. An hour might be too long.

One possibility is to charge for access to full earnings casts but give summaries for free.

Perhaps I could do shorts also and syndicate them for other podcasts.

Just wanted to let you know. Let me know if you have any opinions.