edgeio marketplaces – first review


Well, the first review is in. And its been Dugg.

We pre-announced the product a couple of weeks ago and on Friday the first beta testers had a chance to try it out. More are following throughout the weekend. With any luck we will open it for a public beta on Tuesday.

The idea of allowing any web site to create a free classifieds board, and to take listings into it – either in return for a fee or for free – is core to the first marketplaces product – Classifieds Boards. Theoretically this should make it possible for web sites to do what newspapers and magazines have done for hundreds of years – make revenue from classified listings alongside their revenue for advertising.

Check it out at http://marketplaces.edgeio.com. I have placed a job board on earningscast – took me 5 minutes – at http://jobs.earningscast.com.

To fully “get” edgeio marketplaces it will help to read the “de-portalization” post I did in December.

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