The List of Documents to Read

Here is a post of a number of documents that I am releasing personally

The original announcement  of our agreement April 2000 – astonishing how things can change!
An 88 page PDF file with RealNames proposal to Microsoft for a continued relationship and supporting documents.
A scribes notes of the meeting between Microsoft and RealNames, held in Redmond on Tuesday 7 May 2002.
The original WebLog post on this story is here.
RealNames official release on the issue.
A threatening letter from Microsoft is here.
My rebuttal to the letter is here.
And then some background documents
An analysis of the quality of Keywords sold since RealNames moved to a channel model in 2001.

This document refutes the idea that since RealNames moved to a channel model the quality of Keywords has declined. It shows that Microsoft’s accusations of poor quality names are simply unfounded and disingenuous. Better than 94% of all resolutions – which have themselves grown by 300% in the time – are from human adjudicated Keywords (Keywords Plus and Test bed Keywords). Almost no Keywords have been rescinded by Microsoft.

My first ever White Paper on RealNames [then called Go!]
My Patent – assigned to RealNames

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